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Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Post by Sasaki Kaemon - Admin on Sun Aug 23, 2015 4:13 am

Rules and Regulations
Follow these rules and we can all get along just peachy. No messy hiccups or anything. Consider this your WARNING.

1. Keep in mind that minors could be roleplaying with you. Keep profanity to a minimum. Trust me. I will know. I will bring down the ban hammer on repeated offenders.

2. Do not "God Mode". Give the other players opportunities and they shall do the same. If I find that there are players god moding a warning shall be issued and any and all offenses afterwards will be treated as your resignation from my dear little site. ^_^

3. Keep mature content away. NO HENTAI/CYBERING. As stated before, there can be children here and I will not have that here. (Possibly might have a mature forum if I can make it work. To be updated.)

4. Keep forums in their appropriate threads. It's not that hard. Yaoi with yaoi. Yuri with yuri. Shounen with shounen and so on and so forth. Tag your genres in the first post of your thread. It's not that hard to know what your main tag is.

5. If you have suggestions for the site be my guest, but do not come to me with rudeness else ban hammer shall ensue. I can take constructive criticism, but if all yous gots is complainst I don'ts wanna hears it. Capiche?

6. If anyone should have any other rules and regulations you would to see, message me. I'm all ears/eyes. Any that I approve of will be posted up here.
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